FIBO Shanghai


FIBO CHINA is a the professional, international trade and exchange platform gathering domestic and abroad first-class fitness equipment and fitness club facilities (FIBO Expert) , functional training apparatus (FIBO Power) and sports apparels (FIBO Passion). It aims to establish the docking between China’ fitness industry and the international development trend, promote the healthy development of the industry, spread fashion health lifestyle to the industry and China for improving their health level.

FIBO CHINA, with integration of trade, education and experience, is a grand fitness meeting attracting fitness center operators, trainers, sports medicine specialists, physiotherapists, hotels, real estates, investors, distributors, agents and multi-purpose health center operators and the majority of fitness enthusiasts.

Starting from 1985 when FIBO Cologne was established, FIBO is always leading the world trend of fitness, and it is deserved to be the global navigating exhibition of the fitness and bodybuilding area.

The exhibition and conference area of FIBO CHINA 2017 will reach 23,000 square meters,and the number of participating brans will exceed 300.In addition,the visitors are expected to reach 20,000.


We're attending with our partner Guangzhou Bicom Kinetic Medicine, Taiwan.
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