AIREX® DVDs and Books

AIREX® Training Programmes for Specialists and Home Use.

Our training concepts have already been recorded on various training DVDs and in a book. Obtain an overview here and order your training materials to practice at home.

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BeBalanced! Training Book

AIREX® BeBalanced! — The innovative Training concept with Balance-pads & Co.

DVD BeBalanced! Functional

Functional and intelligent training with the AIREX® Balance-pad Elite

DVD BeBalanced! Toning

The versatile strengthening program with the AIREX® Balance-pad Elite

DVD BeBalanced! Group Fitness

The innovative training with the AIREX® Balance-pad

DVD Best Ager - Fit at any age

Intelligent "three-dimensional" training is the solution to stay or become active, healthy and fit as long as possible.

DVD BeBalanced! Like a Workout on Clouds

Training with the AIREX® Balance product line gives you an efficient and comprehensive workout

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