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Training According to Plan

Total recuperation for the body, mind and soul is the best way to compensate for our increasingly sedentary everyday lives at work, at home or in school. The same applies to sports that put stress on just one side of the body. The AIREX® training programmes offer a tremendous compensating potential for all users and age groups. Offerings include basic training programmes, total body, movement, strength and back exercise programmes, special injury prevention programmes for other types of sports, Pilates and yoga programmes, programmes for children and programmes for older people.

You can download these programmes here free of charge in PDF format and in part also as videos. Additional training programmes are available on DVD or as books. We also offer suitable music for them.

Let our selection of AIREX® training programmes inspire you.

Training Manuals

Training with AIREX | Training Manuals

Improve your quality of life and enhance your wellbeing with the AIREX® training guides. Easy to understand and with many illustrations, the programmes support you in your individual training. Download now, free of charge.

AIREX Training Manuals

Training Videos

Training with AIREX | Training Videos

Do you want to improve your fitness and health or enhance your wellbeing? Use our numerous videos with training instructions you can easily follow at home.

AIREX Training Videos

DVDs & Books

Training with AIREX | DVDs & Books

Our training concepts have already been recorded on various training DVDs and in a book. Obtain an overview here and order your training materials to practice at home.

AIREX DVDs & Books


Training with AIREX | Sounds

For the BeBalanced! training in the fitness studio or at home, special soundtracks are available on CD. Listen to the samples and order the desired music CDs from Move-Ya!, the market leader for fitness and music CDs.

AIREX Sounds