The New Generation of AIREX® Exercise Mats

Our new generation of AIREX® exercise mats sets new standards in terms of functionality. After working on a redefinition of the highly complex foam material formulation for nearly two years, the former quality has actually been exceeded.

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New Colors

AIREX also makes a difference when it comes to style and comfort.

The range of colors now includes sophisticated Charcoal, Platinum and Terra as well as gaudy Pink and Kiwi.

The various looks of the new AIREX® mats perfectly complement the latest interior design concepts and trends.

New formula for effective hygienic protection

In response to increased hygiene needs, a new antibacterial agent was added to the innovative AIREX® material.

Even antibiotic-resistant and highly aggressive CA-MRSA bacteria, frequently found in hospitals, fitness facilities and child daycare centers, will succumb to this effective hygienic protection.

The improved hygiene formula of the new-generation AIREX® mats leaves germs without a chance.

Sustainability through durability

Extensive research with new components enabled AIREX to significantly further improve the life and durability of its mats for indoor, outdoor and water use.

Naturally, all materials are REACH-compatible and therefore comply with current requirements.

Swiss Made

AIREX® mats are 100% Swiss developed and Swiss made.

The properties of the innovative closed-cell foam used in AIREX® products are unequaled: Swiss premium quality.

AIREX® has been producing the original, worldwide number one therapy, sports and exercise mats for over 50 years.