AIREX Product Characteristics

Industrial foam

AIREX industrial foam

The product name AIREX is comprised of AIR as well as EX for expansion. Air bubbles that are characteristic for the product develop in the material during the manufacturing process, increasing the volume multiple times – without changing the weight. 

In concrete terms, our AIREX foam products are made of 50 to 96 % air. This not only minimizes the consumption of raw materials, but also the weight and costs.

AIREX® soft foams feature very good mechanical properties with minimal weight. 


AIREX® soft foams have the following characteristics:

·         Extremely low specific weight

·         Low raw material consumption

AIREX® S56.100

Soft foam


Insulation material and sealant in the building trade, impact-absorbent material, vibration protection material, lining for the cabs of heavy construction equipment, for sound deadening and thermal insulation


Closed cell structure, stable dimensions and volume, resistant to moisture and rotting, good sealing effect, no water absorption, good thermal insulation, good mechanical properties, impact-absorbent


AIREX® S56.100 can be processed in a wide variety of ways and with conventional machines and equipment: cutting, stamping, gluing and HF welding 

AIREX® S32.50

Soft foam


Soft buoyancy material for life vests, sailor jackets and survival suits, life vests with tear-resistant PVC cover, produced by dip coating, thermal insulation and buoyancy material for sportswear, impact protection material


Closed cell structure, low raw density, extraordinary dimensional and volume stability, very soft and drapable material, good thermal insulation, self-extinguishing, impact-absorbent, resistant to moisture and rotting, complies with the international regulations for buoyancy material: (including DIN EN ISO 12402-7: 03/2007 and SOLAS Lifejacket MSC Resolution 200(80))


AIREX® S32.50 can be processed in a wide variety of ways and with conventional machines and equipment: cutting, stamping, water jet cutting (up to 15 mm), gluing, HF welding (up to 6 mm), sewing, quilting, dip coating

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