Seat cushion

In the garden or house, during sports or while working on your car, this seat cushion is an extremely handy and indispensable helper with a wide variety of applications. The cushion is also ideal for cleaning or as a comfortable place to sit. The possibilities are varied and countless! As with other Airex products, the material is pleasantly soft, very durable, water-resistant, antibacterial thanks to Sanitized hygiene protection, heat insulating, and easy to clean due to the closed cell structure.

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Dimensions: Approx. 15.7" × 15.7" × 0.6"
Weight: Approx. 0.8 lbs

Details for Seat cushion

Thanks to the handle, you can transport the helper easily and hang it up for space-saving storage.

Special features:

Soft, supple and cushioning insulating.
Yielding and supportive, protection against injuries.
Simple to clean, antimicrobial finishing.

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