Balance-beam Mini

The AIREX® Balance-beam Mini is the newest product in the Balance-pad family. The successful Balance-beam model with its balance beam form is now also available in a mini version.
Thanks to its size, the Balance-beam Mini is light-weight and convenient. In the area of fitness, the Balance-beam Mini, alone or in a double pack, can be used as a practical replacement for a Pilates role, with the instability of the Balance-beam Mini in this case even intensifying such exercises. With up to 30% greater effectiveness, proprioception training can be motivating and varied. The balance beam form was developed especially for clinical balance and proprioception exercises. In its practical size, it supports the ankle joint as well as the transverse and longitudinal arch on the foot. Furthermore, the Balance-beam Mini helps as a lordosis support or as a support for the spine, to sustainably strengthen the back and core area.

Dimensions: Approx. 16.1" × 9.4" × 2.4"
Weight: Approx. 0.7 lbs

Details for Balance-beam Mini

The AIREX® Balance products are active therapy and training devices made of the familiar, soft AIREX foam. The foam gives way and the body is constantly challenged to maintain balance and stabilize the joints. This means more and deeper muscles are stressed than when performing the same exercises without the Balance-beam Mini. Training with the Balance-beam Mini can combine training conditional and coordinative skills such as strength, endurance, as well as differentiation and balance capability. Due to the smooth surface, the Balance-beam Mini is not completely slip-resistant on smooth surfaces. We therefore recommend an AIREX® mat for a base as an ideal supplement.

Special features:

Versatile application. Indoors, outdoors and in water.
Simple to clean, antimicrobial finishing.
Water repellent
Water repellent
Closed cell foam. No penetration of water or dirt.

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