AIREX® Balance Products

AIREX® and Balance

The AIREX® Balance products are suitable for functional training for body posture, perception, balance and coordination. They also support an effective endurance training programme.

Balance is what we call the extensive and varied training programme with these products, because it helps you retain or restore your mental and physical balance.

The secret of the products lies in their special material. It gently yields, activating and sensitising your entire body.

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Approx. 18.9" × 15.7" × 2.4" Weight Approx. 1.8 lbs

The Balance Pad with its smooth surface is ideal for starting out with barefoot balance training.

> Balance-pad

Balance-pad Elite

Approx. 18.9" × 15.7" × 2.4" Weight Approx. 1.8 lbs

The Balance Pad Elite features a special waffle texture on the upper and lower sides. Now also in Pink and Kiwi colors!

> Balance-pad Elite

Balance-pad Xlarge

Approx. 38.6" × 16.1" × 2.4" Weight Approx. 3.2 lbs

The Balance Pad XLarge is twice as large as the Balance Pad and offers new training opportunities.

> Balance-pad Xlarge


Approx. 63.0" × 9.4" × 2.4" Weight Approx. 2.6 lbs

The Balance Beam is used, for example, in therapy to regain walking and foot functions.

> Balance-beam

Balance-pad Mini

Approx. 9.8" × 16.1" × 2.4" Weight Approx. 0.9 lbs

The Balance-pad mini was developed particularly for the requirements in functional training and it is also ideal for traveling.

> Balance-pad Mini

Balance-pad Solid

Approx. 18.1" × 16.1" × 2.0" Weight Approx. 2.2 lbs

Thanks to a higher density and the new, burled surface texture, the Balance-pad Solid is extremely firm and robust with an optimum cushioning effect. 

> Balance-pad Solid

Balance-beam Mini

Approx. 16.1" × 9.4" × 2.4" Weight Approx. 0.7 lbs

The Balance-beam Mini for physiotherapy

> Balance-beam Mini

Balance-pad Cloud

Approx. 1,889.8" × 15.7" × 2.4" Weight Approx. 1.8 lbs > Balance-pad Cloud