Healthy Breakfast with great Swiss "Bircher Müesli"


Basic ingredients:
250 g mixed oatmeal (coarse & fine)
3 apples
1 large banana
some milk
3 heaped tablespoons of flaxseed
1 kg plain yogurt
1 tablespoon of honey

3 kiwis
2 red plums
2 pears
1 orange
Sunflower seeds
3 teaspoons of wild berry jam


  1. Give the flaxseed into a large bowl, cover them with some milk and allow to swell for a bit. 
  2. Wash the fruit and chop everything except for the apples. Choose the cut size to your liking. We prefer rather small pieces (0.5 – 1 cm).
  3. The chopped fruit can be dipped into the bowl immediately..
  4. Peel kiwis and orange with a sharp knife. For this purpose first cut off both ends. Position kiwi and orange on the cut off area and cut down the peel. 
  5. Now chop the kiwis and fillet the orange (cut the pulp individually from the chambers). Tip: Hold the orange above the bowl while filleting to catch the juice for the Müesli.
  6. The Apples are the most important and tastiest component of the Müesli. Remove the seeds and grate them. Add the finely grated apples to the other fruits in the bowl.
  7. Now add yogurt, oatmeal and, if you like sunflower seeds (or similar), and stir vigorously.
  8. To conclude add some jam and liquid honey and mix well again. Finished.

Note: Since the grated apples ferment very quickly, the Müesli should be consumed quickly. It will last approx. 2 days in the fridge, maybe even longer, but then it affects the taste. If you want your Müesli to last longer, just skip the apples in preparation and simply add freshly grated apples before each consumption. The composition of the Müesli can vary according to season, for example with lots of fresh berries in summer. "Anything goes" as they say!

Start your day healthy! "En Guete" from AIREX (=enjoy your meal)!