AIREX presents a world's first: the intelligent mat


At Medica in Dusseldorf, we presented it to the public for the first time - our latest development, the "intelligent mat". The motto of the presentation: Imagine the Future ...

An integrated NFC chip makes the mat intelligent. With an NFC-enabled device - smartphone or tablet – you can get information on the mat, how to care for it or suggestions of other interesting, suitable products. Above all, however, an integrated library of exercise instructions can be accessed. Important: The communication unidirectional, i.e. nothing is transferred back or saved to the chip.

A little explanatory video can be found on the right (or here:

This or something similar we imagine for the future of the exercise mat. So far it is a prototype undergoing testing in Europe, but we hope to be able to introduce this great innovation in all our markets soon. Currently the intelligent mat is not yet available stores.

You have questions or comments about this innovative project? Contact us - we are interested in all comments.