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The AIREX® Academy represents the highest quality standards in terms of the course contents that are imparted, the learning materials, and the instructors.

Thanks to this combination, our training participants obtain practical knowledge and skills at the highest level that are required for successful, professional and vocational further development.

Your advantages:

  • Certified course program  “Active and Functional Stabilization with the Balance-pad” (more..)
  • In-house training (more..)
  • Course subsidized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (more..)






X-Balance - new from 2018

The X-Balance course concept set group fitness up to the next level. An integral training concept on the highest grade which act for body and soul. The course program persuade by short trainings with fast perceptible and visible results. Timely structured hours match every age and all professional levels. The requirement for desired attending of X-Balance education is previously attended modules 2 or 3 of AIREX® Academy.



  • X-Balance Yoga
  • X-Balance Functional
  • X-Balance Fascia
  • X-Balance Functional Therapy

Community AIREX® Academy

Complete modules 1 and 2 and become an official Platinum Trainer of the AIREX® Academy 

Benefits for you 

  • AIREX® Platinum Trainer
  • Member of the international AIREX® Academy Community
  • Participation in science and research
  • "Up to date" by taking advantage of the information pool
  • Support for publications (press releases, promotion days, etc.)
  • Invitation to the annual convention of the AIREX® Academy (in process of planning)

This title makes you a permanent member of the community and part of the Academy’s global network.

You can actively contribute to the development of the Balance-pad and benefit from the experience of hundreds of therapists and trainers.

You also get all the news related to the Balance-pad and are regularly informed about new exercises as well as sports science and physiotherapy insights.

Contact us with no commitment on your part and find out more! 

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